Friday, December 14, 2007

There Are No "Illegal" Human Beings

The brown-skinned man you call "Illegal" is only heading into El Norte to take back what is rightly his. Mr. "Illegal" is only coming to find the stolen goods you see as your birthright Mr. Gringo. Mr. "Illegal" only wants to see what those pretty yellow bananas look like inside the gigantic air-conditioned food warehouse. You know all about the morning blood fruit, right Mr. Gringo? Mr. "Illegal" only walks the grueling pilgrimage towards Never-Never Land, water jugs in hand, to peer over the well-watered hedge into your morning Scottsdale Latte to see if any of his blood remains in your mug-seems there's plenty still there- more than he had remembered. Mr. "Illegal" only comes to the Land of Milk and Honey (Did you steal that too Mr. Gringo?) in order to get a brief glimpse of the sweet mango-to remember the taste of the mango that used to be in his backyard until he got NAFTA-ed off his land.

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