Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wait and see...?

Pretty much everything related to corporate control of the regulatory and trade policies of the U.S. government... ?

Secretary of Defense?

Secretary of Interior?

Secretary of Energy? Home of "clean coal" propaganda efforts and nuclear weapons contracting. Gives lip service to "clean energy" by which they mean nuclear and coal.

Secretary of Agriculture? Works closely with trade and commerce to open foreign markets in Asia and Africa and Central America to U.S. exports.

Here are the rest. You'll get a much better idea of what Obama's policies will really be by looking at his choice of appointments to these posts, then you will by listening to any speech:

Secretary of Commerce.

Chairman of Federal Reserve.

Secretary of Housing and Human Development

Secretary of Homeland Security

Secretary of Health and Human Services (FDA)

EPA Administrator

Secretary of Labor

Secretary of Education

Secretary of Veteran's Affairs

National Intelligence Director

US Trade Representative

Director of National Drug Policy

Office of Management and Budget

For example, this was a record year for U.S. overseas weapons sales. Will that continue under an Obama Administration? Will our foreign policy continue to rotate around efforts to gain access to oil reserves? Will we see more undemocratic trade agreements like NAFTA? Will Obama pursue a NAFTA with Colombia, say? Will the FDA head be an ex-pharmaceutical CEO?

Nobody knows much about any of this, because our godawful media didn't cover the core issues very well during this election. Everyone knows about Bill Ayers, but no one has any idea who Obama will pick as Secretary of Energy. If he picks a corporate insider linked to the fossil fuel or nuclear industry, then that will mean one thing. If he doesn't - say he picks the head of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory instead - then that will mean something else.

Wait and see... ?