Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How Far Right Can You Go?

"[Ron]Paul-haters on the Right and the Left unite in a common cause."
-Justin Raimondo

Does that make Paul a centrist? Damn I thought that was the Hillary-Obama-Edwards schtick?

When all them Right-Wing Candy Dates are running to the right they all chirp- "Centrist."

The entirety of the American political Apparatus is is so far Right that Ron Paul seems nearly reasonable.

Well you see the real Ron Paul phenomenon isn't the story of Ron Paul it's the story of how truly deranged is the entire American political landscape and how there is a terrible gap in simply understanding the history of the American political economy and how that is reflected in today's political cesspool.


Anonymous said...

Justin Raimondo has become the Waylon Flowers of political blogging.

Intellectual gravitas is lost almost forever when publicly claiming support for the FUCKTARD EEDJIT Ron Paul.

How fucking stupid is J Raimondo, anyway?

BlackBloc said...

He's a paleoconservative posing as a libertarian. That should answer your question right there.

LJansen said...

Yeah, except Alexander Cockburn, Joshua Frank and now Stan Goff on Counterpunch today are going for Paul. Counterpunchy!

Anonymous said...

Jesus fuckin' K. Riced.

Do they really think that a return to Reagan era "trickle-down" crap and totally relaxed laws and regulations is the way to fix our country's problems?

How fucking stupid are they?

Paleoconservatives aren't bad as a group, I can't explain it away that quickly blackbloc. I'd rather have a paleoconservative than a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or John Edwards or any of the GOP. Of course, maybe my thoughts on paleoconservatism are more benevolent than yours. I think of myself as having some paleoconservative views, but I also think of the word as being rooted in conservation and not profligate waste.

In any case, Reagan era America was a cluseterfuck the first time around, fake growth built on an economic house of cards. We've already been having more of that fake growth on an even weaker house of cards. A move FARTHER down the road to a more completely laissez-faire system will totally fuck things up.

Maybe that's what Raimondo, Paul, and all the other fucktards want. They want a total collapse through the most wasteful and destructive manner possible. In which case, I find them immoral fucktard eedjits.