Friday, April 11, 2008

Unwarranted Assumptions


Unwarranted assumption: Bush/FEMA really WANTED to deliver water, food and emergency supplies to the Katrina victims.

You perhaps make this assumption because (a) it was their official and moral duty to do so, and (b) any sane human being would have tried their best to do so. But none of this means that Bush and FEMA actually set out to do things you think they should have done. The assumption is unwarranted, because you are extrapolating from yourself, and the general population of sane human beings, to Bush and his cronies.

The exact same assumptions are made left and right about Iraq: that Bush, in his heart of hearts, wanted to bring US-style democracy and freedom to Iraq, only he failed. That Bush wanted to keep the price of oil down to ensure the continuation of the American Way of Life(tm), only he failed. The facts suggest the precise reverse: that the chaos, the bloodshed, the skyrocketing oil prices are not unfortunate side-effects of a botched (but well-intentioned) job, but rather, that they have always been the goal. Until this simple point is well understood, there will be no effective opposition to what this administration has done, and no holding them to account.

Another example: the FISA law debacle and Bush's fight for telecom immunity. It is mistaken to argue that hey, Mr President, you don't really need this to fight terrorism effectively, since the FISA law already gives you all you need to eavesdrop now and get it OK'ed later. As if he didn't know that! As if Bush really, honestly, was just doing his best to "fight terrorism" effectively.

See the real purpose behind what Bush is doing, and you will see that he and his people have in fact been amazingly competent. Almost eight years, and they nearly ALWAYS get what they want, most often with a little help from the Democratic party.

Getting exactly what you want every time all the time is NOT incompetence.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.

As you know, I've been arguing that same point on competence vs incompetence for several years. Glad to see you emphasize it, especially re the Katrina disaster.

Time for the Amerizombies to realize that Bush/Cheney turned their back on New Orleans because they just don't care, they are callous.

Time for Amerizombies to realize that whatever "assistance" Bush/Cheney provided in the wake of Hurricance Katrina, it was to reward themselves, and their friends, with profiteering via government contracts.

Time for Amerizombies to realize that we won't see any difference from John McCain, Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama.

On which note: