Wednesday, January 16, 2008

House Passes 696 Billion $$$ Offensive War Bill

House passes defense bill.

Today, the House passed a new $696 billion defense authorization bill that includes a pay raise for troops.
AP reports:

President Bush had rejected an earlier version of the legislation because he said it would expose the Iraqi government to expensive lawsuits.

The new bill, which passed, 369-46, would let Bush grant Iraq immunity under the provision, which otherwise guarantees that U.S. victims of state-sponsored abuse can sue foreign governments in court. Iraqi officials objected to the measure because they said it would have subjected Baghdad to high-dollar payouts in damages from the Saddam Hussein era.

The administration now supports the bill, said White House spokesman Tony Fratto.

”We appreciate that the House moved quickly to address the serious concerns the president had,” he said.

The revised measure also makes the 3.5 percent pay increase for troops — included in the original bill — retroactive to Jan. 1.



Anonymous said...

Imagine all the great things that will be done in Iraq with that money! Obviously it needs to go to that purpose. Killing brown-skinned towel-heads for NO REASON WHATEVER on absolutely NO PROVOCATION seems to me the very best use of that money, especially when Bush-Cheney cronies and pals can get super-rich in the process.

Remember, it's all about who you can fuck over most severely. America is about being a highwayman. A Thuggee. A violent thief.

Praise America and all her sons and daughters, especially the killers-for-hire!

Tujie said...

Beautiful painting!