Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thank you for calling PolitiChoice®

These are intended to sharpen the Dems' message, defining what they stand for and how they’re different from Republicans.

1. "We Surrender."

2. "Please don't yell at us, we're frightened."

3. "Would you like us to roll over on our backs now, or do you prefer that we remain on our knees?"

4. "Let's bomb Iran."

5. "We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the President."

6. "We stand for rule by a kinder, gentler military-industrial complex."

7. "What's good for MobilExxon, Citicorp, and Northrop-Grumman is good for America."

8. "If you like venal cowards and betrayal, vote for us!"

9. "Please don't ask us to stand up to the Republicans. They get very angry if anyone opposes them -- and it's really scary!!

- RichM


(crackle) Thank you for calling PolitiChoice®. Your call is important to us, so please stay on the line.
If you would like to pursue reform from within the Democratic Party, press 1.
If you would like to effectively counter the DLC within an existing mainstream political party, press 2.
If you would like to help with DFA, press 3.
If you miss the seventies and want to join the DSOC/DSA discussion group, press 4.
If you would like to feel "underground" from the comfort of rightward-drifting centrism that calls itself "left," press 5.
If you don't know which button to press, press 6 and you'll be directed to the appropriate caucus.
Thank you for calling PolitiChoice®. Please bear in mind that internal reform is the only permissible focus
only permissible focus
only permissible
-Thank you
... (crackle, click)

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